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  1. My India My Pride

    Tamana, a non-profit organisation working for the holistic rehabilitation of the differently-abled,was hosted the annual fashion show in New Delhi on Sunday, September 8. The show, 'My India, My Pride" was being organised by Tamana in association with the Fashion Design Council of India.
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  2. Love at First Right

    The verdict regarding Section 377 on the 6th September 2018 brought with it celebration and overwhelming euphoria across the nation. The Indian LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, transsexual, queer) community will remember 6 September as the day their faith in the power of the law to protect and empower was re-instilled. One year ago, a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court of India created history by decriminalizing Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Today is the first anniversary of celebrating their pride moment. The Fight for Equality The end of section 377 is the culmination of a long struggle that activists, lawyers, academics, non-government organizations (NGOs), and the corporate world have been engaged in since the 1990s. Before social media took the country by storm, India fight to decriminalize the LGBTQIA+ community began in 1991 when a movement to repeal Section 377 was initiated by AIDS Bhedbhav Virodhi Andolan. Their publication, Less than Gay: A Citizen Report, identified the issues with the law and demanded its abolition. The Battle is Won Historically, after many a court proceeding, the Supreme Court announced its final verdict regarding Section 377. On 6th September 2018, the law was deemed unconstitutional, “irrational, indefensible, and manifestly arbitrary. The fight for equality finally ended and the freedom to simply be who you are and love whom you want to. There is more to be done for the LGBTQIA+ community, but what a pivotal moment for Indians, indeed. The judgement is a well-deserved victory for a community, which has suffered false hope, disappointments, and life as illegitimate citizens. However, the repealing of section 377 is not the end of the fight for equal rights. it will go down in history as a watershed moment for LGBTQ-inclusivity.
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  3. Malta Pride 2019

    This annual gay festival on Malta island features street parties, LGBT floats, parade, concerts, events and fun-filled activities. The Malta Pride 2019 March takes place on Saturday, September 14th, at Triton Square in Valetta. Another highlight of this weeklong festival is the after-Pride dance party, featuring top local & international DJ’s and performers.
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